September 2018

Director: Scot Hall
Musical Director: Sam Cleaver
Choreographer: Philippa Chesham

"Theatre at its very best: a satirical musical whose tunefulness and black hilarity in no way masked the bitter sweet thematics. A revelation of both venue and talent: who would have thought that the Meteor could accommodate a show of this size or that Hamilton could so brilliantly cast its own. Only quibble: a relatively short run. Urinetown left us wanting more."


April 2019

Director: Pip Smith

"Everything is spot on such that it’s hard to pick out a highlight moment, so instead I have to commend some of the more tender moments of humanity that sprinkle the play, delivered with utter earnestness by the cast. Picking up a dropped glasses case, politely talking to a relative on the phone, consoling an upset child. As much as their wilder moments, the cast and script sync up so well at these moments that when the lights drop there’s a curious moment of tranquillity, making us wonder if it’s all over.

God of Carnage is a dark comedy, a satire on civility but the cast make us care, the script makes us consider and ultimately the production revels in humanity far more than it rebukes it.

Full credit to all involved here. This really is a must see for theatre lovers."



November/December 2019

Director: David Sidwell

Musical Director: Nick Braae

"Dogfight grabbed its viewers on the night... entertained with foot tapping music from the live band... had rivetting and dramatic set pieces... great sound and lighting and a superb actress playing a dowdy tubby waitress heroine played with empathy.

It is both absorbingly entertaining and powerfully revealing."


"Again Bold Theatre brings Hamilton world class entertainment."


"Hamilton, you need to see this one. There are moments of light relief. It’s not all doom and gloom. You will laugh out loud. You may cry. You may flinch or clench your fists so much that you need to run your palms under cold water when you get home. It is worth it though. Like I said, it is beautiful."



February 2020  (as part of HGAF)

Director: Kyle Chuen
Musical Director: Sam Cleaver

"K-M clearly loves to play up to a crowd and does so endearingly well. There are messages and moments of clarity that bring me to thoughtful pause and easy laughter. My favourite: “You can’t put a flower in an arsehole and call it a vase.” That’s the first rule of comedy right there: it’s funny because it is true!

It’s a lovely ride this show, delivered with guts and gusto. A number of the audience are on their feet in ovation as the curtain falls. I give a wee whoop also for Sam Cleaver who is a faultless accompanist and at times a cute comic foil. I commend BOLD Theatre on choosing to produce an original show, at its premiere, and one that focuses a singing, dancing, touching and honest spotlight on the plight of an ageing cornerstone of Hamilton’s media/arts scene. Yay!"


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