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Bold Theatre are theatre lovers committed to bringing bold theatre projects to Hamilton.

Charlotte, Kyle and Ray want to share stories that open people’s eyes to new experiences and connect with audiences on an emotional level. Their love of live theatre brought them together with a vision to foster local talent as  part of a commitment to keep theatre fresh and engaging while challenging audiences to experience theatre that is contemporary and exciting.

But above all, theatre that is bold!

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Our Manifesto

  • Bold Theatre Trust is a theatre producer.

  • Bold prioritises contemporary, exciting, challenging and innovative performing arts experiences.

  • Bold prefers local talent (cast and crew).   Bold wants to provide opportunities for local talent to thrive in performing arts.

  • Bold will consider original works.

  • Bold will consider non-contemporary works that are updated to a modern setting, rewrite, rearrangement or interpretation.

  • Bold will trust its gut instinct and doesn’t have to explain its decisions to anyone.

  • Bold does not compete with other local theatre companies for shows, (unfortunately, it competes for talent but that is universal).

  • Bold sets professional standards.

  • Bold is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Bold does not import shows, but may export them.

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