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Be More Chill

22-30 August 2024, Meteor Theatre

Director: Ella Veitch

Musical Director: Ye-Gon Ryoo

Choreographer: Rachael Bloemendal

“Be More Chill”, a hilarious and dynamic musical, follows Jeremy Heere’s pursuit of popularity. Simply trying to "more than survive", Jeremy and his best friend Michael have each other to navigate the suffocating social climate of high school. But what would he do if that all could change? After taking an undercover, easy-to-swallow pill, Jeremy’s social life transcends the ordinary and plunges into a futuristic frenzy. With the SQUIP (a nano computer implanted in the brain), now on Jeremy’s side,  Jeremy has an unconventional guide to achieving optimum ‘coolness’. Amidst chaos, the musical explores friendship, identity, the challenge of self-acceptance, and teenage struggles, with edgy melodies and electrifying performances. 

Tickets on sale now!

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